“At the Alex, they’re tearing up the dam”

1. December 2021

Immobilien Zeitung (IZ) reports in a major article about the office building project C1 – Central One Midtown Offices, which DVI is building together with Formac Consult Real Estate and Sascha Gechter Management at Berlin’s Alexanderplatz. IZ writes: “C1 is the fourth major project on the Alex to come out of the ground after years of agony. The 200-million-euro building is scheduled for completion in early 2024. In terms of urban planning, Berlin architects Faber & Faber connected the new building to the neighboring building as a perimeter block development, thus continuing the street alignment of Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse. Given the prominent location, the quality of the property, and the high standards of sustainability and digital connectivity, DVI and its partners expect to achieve top Berlin rents in the property.”

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