S&P and Fitch confirm DVI’s BBB-Rating

4. December 2023

Berlin, 4 December 2023 – Both S&P Global and Fitch Ratings conducted their second annual rating reviews and confirmed the investment grade rating of the company (D.V.I. Deutsche Vermögens- und Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH) and its listed bond. DVI received its initial credit ratings in January 2022 when its € 350 million bond was issued.  Since then, the real estate portfolio grew from € 2.1 billion to € 3.0 billion.  The negative effects from the higher debt on DVI’s financial ratios is mitigated by its conservative interest rate hedging policy.  The dynamics in DVI’s main market were viewed positively (Berlin apartment complexes with good energy efficiency). The continued integration of the group was also appreciated.


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